About Me


My name is Ken, I am 23, and from Long Island, New York. I’m currently living in NYC where I recently attended Metis, a bootcamp in Manhattan. Metis is an intensive project-oriented curriculum. Each project posed a question and I was tasked with gathering the necessary data and choosing the best methods of analysis to extract a solution.


Prior to Metis I was a Chemist working at Calmetrics, Inc. I created and certified X-ray fluorescence (XRF) standards used in the calibration of XRF machines. Before that I was a student at Stony Brook University Where I received a BS in Chemistry and Applied Mathematics and Statistics.


Whether I’m in a forest or analyzing data, I love exploring and learning about the world around me. This blog will be primarily focused on the data. Periodically I will make posts about the data science projects I’m working on, tutorials of something I don’t find explained well enough, and occasionally just write about libraries I’m using. If I’m ever wrong about something or you want me to write about something, shoot me a message or write something in the comments.


Data Science

Citi Bike Analysis

Examination of how New Yorkers are utilizing Citi Bike stations.

Shelter Animals (Kaggle)

Predicting the outcomes of shelter animals. 32nd/436 as of 5/6/16.

KenKen Solver (Metis)

Drag and drop images of 4x4 KenKen puzzles and get the solution instantly.

Anime Recommender (Metis)

A collaborative filterer that uses NLP of anime descriptions to suggest anime.

Modeling Refugee Crises (Metis)

An attempt to predict if a country will be in crisis based on existing factors.

Regression Analysis of Movies based on Books (Metis)

Exploring relationships between movies and their books.

Analysis of MTA Foot Traffic (Metis)

Data analysis of MTA turnstiles to find most popular subway stations.

Front End

TicTacToe (FreeCodeCamp)

Play games of TicTacToe against a computer.

Pomodoro Clock (FreeCodeCamp)

Set a timer for work and breaks.

Calculator (FreeCodeCamp)

Basic Calculator

Twitch Streamers (FreeCodeCamp)

Displays status of Twitch streamers.

Wikipedia Search (FreeCodeCamp)

Search for pages on wikipedia.

Weather App (FreeCodeCamp)

Tells you the temperature (C/F) and gives a description.

Quote Generator (FreeCodeCamp)

Generates a random quote that you can tweet.

Portfolio Page (FreeCodeCamp)

This is the page you're on right now!

Tribute Page (FreeCodeCamp)

I'm a huge scoob fan so I made a tribute to man's best friend.